The Importance of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has the potential to generate a steady flow of relevant traffic and customers to your website. When done correctly, it can help increase leads and sales.

With the digital world constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up. Reaching potential customers has never been both easier and more challenging. With so many different channels and avenues for businesses to use to engage with the customers, a lot of businesses still struggle.

Every industry is unique, what might work well in one sector may not work at all in others. Research and a focused strategy can help you understand and identify which channels will give you the best ROI. For long term success, it is important to consider a multi-channel approach – everything from content creation and social media to online sales and lead generation must be examined.

Benefits of effective digital marketing

  • Helps to increase brand awareness and recognition
  • Identifies new business opportunities
  • Cost-effective with higher conversion rates
  • Connect with your customers
  • Increase in quality leads
  • Higher ROI
  • Better customer and audience engagement

The beauty of digital marketing is that almost everything is traceable, and you can utilise these metrics to identify what your customers engage most with. Being able to find out exactly what is and isn’t working means you can optimise your strategy and make your budget go much further with better ROI.

Email Marketing

Still ranked as one of the most effective marketing channels, email marketing has a better ROI than other methods like SEO or social media. Emails can be used for different objectives; whether you are looking to build brand loyalty and recognition, convert leads, or share useful information or offers. Emails often deliver the best results.

You can analyse how the audience interacts with your campaigns. Find out when is the best time to send your content, what content gets the best engagement, do people interact with your calls to action and more.

Send personalised messages to attract and retain customers. Segment your contact list or create automation series to deliver content your customers can’t ignore.

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Social Media

Sometimes social media is just used to highlight offers or events, forgetting that it is also a great platform to engage with customers.

For social media campaigns, you need to think about what are your main goals and objectives? Who do you want to target? What message do you want to send?

With the average user checking their accounts multiple times a day social media is a great marketing opportunity.

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Search Engine Optimisation / SEO

What is SEO?

In a nutshell, it is the optimisation of your website to improve your organic positioning in search engine results. SEO is not an instant fix it requires time and attention. However, if you are prepared to give it the required resources to improve your rankings for key terms that your audience is searching for. You will reap the rewards long term and your business will grow along with it.

There are many different techniques when optimising your site, on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, content creation, keyword research and local SEO. Don’t forget that the digital world is always evolving. Consumer behaviour and habits change, search engine algorithms get updated, so it’s vital to keep up to date with best practices to ensure the best results. Implementing your SEO strategy the right way from the start is the best way to get the best results for your efforts.

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Paid Advertising

PPC – or pay per click – is where you pay for each click of your chosen keyword.  One of the main benefits PPC has over SEO is you can gain visibility straight away.  Along with your keyword bid, other factors including ad relevance and quality score is used to determine where your ad will be displayed. The better your ads are the lower your cost per click will be.

You can advertise with Google or Bing, but you can also use other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to hone in on specific target audiences.  Like other digital marketing channels, paid advertising is a highly competitive market, so it’s important to regularly maintain and update campaigns to ensure you get the best ROI.

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5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. It’s versatility make it one of the most popular formats to share content, and it isn’t likely to be going anywhere fast. Users like videos because they can be entertaining, engaging and easy to digest.

Whether your goal is to show consumers how to use a product, an interview, round ups, or meet the team / find out more about your business, video content is a great way to add that personal touch.

Digital marketing across multiple channels is a must in this day and age. No matter which sector or industry you are in digital can’t be ignored. You don’t have to create lengthy video, short and to the point is how you create the best audience engagement.