Global product launch for the Electric Vehicle market

Ahlstrom FortiCell


Ahlstrom is a global leader in fiber-based materials, supplying innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers. The company has recently developed several commercial solutions to address unmet customer needs for high-performance filtration materials for electric vehicles. advances further into the growing segment of electrification.  The Ahlstrom FortiCell portfolio includes solutions for Film Separator Reinforcement, Pasting Materials and AGM Media for Lead Acid Batteries and also solutions for Lithium Batteries.

The agency was tasked with creating a brand name that could be trademarked for this new line of products. We then created a strategic, three-stage global launch to market across multiple channels.

Our Approach

  • Product Naming and Research
  • CGI motion graphics
  • Video creation
  • Multi-channel digital promotion
  • Keyword Research
  • Targeted Email Campaign
  • Supporting Sales Materials


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