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GoFitba is a football-based health and wellbeing project which provides opportunities for some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged primary schoolchildren (P4–P7) to have free access to fun sports, education and food.

The project takes a holistic approach to teach children the benefits of regular physical activity within a football environment. Each structured session provides the Scottish Government’s minimum daily target of one hour of moderate physical activity. During the second hour of each session, the participants participate in an interactive educational journey with their own GoFitba learning journal to explore the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle through diet and nutrition. The final component of each session sees the children being served healthy food and an opportunity to enjoy some social time with their peers. This further enhances the learning experience on diet and nutrition and crucially ensures the children are being fed out of school or during holiday periods, helping tackle food poverty and holiday hunger.

Our Approach

  • Project Naming
  • Fun and engaging branding
  • Supporting Illustrations
  • Educational Text Books
  • Promotional Materials
  • Social Media Content
  • Report Documents



hours of individual coaching and fun football activity
primary school-age children took part in the project
hours of education delivered on diet and nutrition
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